Selfie Slot Machine @ T-Mobile Arena
(Unity, Madmapper, Three 15k Epson projectors, Micro-controller)

Santander – In Someone Else’s Shoes

2019 Webby Award Winner – Augmented Reality
(Unity, Arcturus HoloSuite, Apple Healthkit, ARkit, Google Fit, Google ARCore, Firebase Database & Cloud Messaging)

Mercedes-Benz Projection Mapping @ Rolling Stone Super Bowl LI

(Unity, Two 30k Christie Projectors, Wacom Tablet)

Magic Keyboard

(Unity, Custom mapping tools, Mac Magic Keyboard)

The Greatest Stories Retold – YouTube @ SXSW 2018

(Unity, openFrameworks, Kinect V2s, force sensors, hall effect sensors, photocells, microphones)

Toys“R”Us – Etch A Sketch

(Unity, LED Screen, Griffin PowerMate Controllers)

TruClear Experience Center

(Unity, RFID Sensors, NeoPixel LEDs, MadMapper)

The Future Market – Conceptual Marketplace

(Unity, 46″ 3M Touch panels, Short Throw Projectors)

Lincoln Navigator Projection @ DREAM LA

(Unity, Barco 35k Lumen Projector)

Global Game Jam 2017 – Waveboy

1st Place at Playcrafting NYC site
(Unity, Oculus with touch controllers, VirZOOM gaming bike)

LG & Twin Shadow

(QLab, Micro-Controllers, Capacitive touch, NeoPixel LEDs, Open Sound Control)